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Dry Ice Blasting:Benefits

Deciding to use dry ice as a cleaning agent has a few benefits over conventional methods. This method produces better results. When dry ice is blasted, it normally reaches and cleans areas that other ways have failed. These include nooks and crannies that brush and chemicals have been unable to reach.

Undertaking the dry ice blasting procedure does not require the equipment to be cleaned to be transported elsewhere. The working area will remain the cleaning area, as there is no need to move equipment to do dry ice blasting. There is a lot of time saved, which can be channeled to other operations and processes of the given industry. The chances of your equipment being damaged during transportation of cleaning sites is greatly reduced, and also allows for less stress on your staff members. The time your equipment is offline is also reduced.
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Examples of cleaning methods like sand blasting can take off parts of the cleaned surface, r change their appearance. Dry ice blasting, in contrast, is a nonabrasive way. It does not take away any part of the cleaned surface. As the dry ice pellets hit the surface, they then soften and sublimate, thereby taking off the dirt.
As a cleaning method, dry ice blasting does not entail the use of any solvents, meaning it has no toxic implications. It uses CO2 pellets. This style of cleaning is especially beneficial for companies looking to comply with environmental rules and regulations. It has lowered health risks faced by workers, it guarantees their safety and leads to a clean and safe environment.
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Other cleaning methods such as sand blasting present an additional waste disposal challenge from the sand gathered after the cleaning process. It is also important to note that dry ice pellets dissolve after the blasting process. There is no toxic waste materials to be disposed afterwards. This reduces the work the cleaners have to do.

Dry ice blasting equipment is easy to ferry about. Their portability allows for easier cleaning of the equipment on their working site.

The process of dry ice blasting does not incorporate any chemical solvents, lubricants or water. Since it is a dry cleaning method, it can be used around electrical installation, or to clean electrical appliances, or anywhere electricity passes, safely.

Dry ice presents an unfavorable environment for the growth of bacteria, as it is too cold. The temperature of the ice is also ideal for killing these bacteria.
The method of dry ice blasting has changed how cleaning can be done. As a result of the advantages that dry ice blasting holds over other methods, such as its nonhazardous, environmentally friendly, more affordable and relatively safe nature, a growing section of industry players are resorting to using it as their preferred cleaning method for their equipment. This has resulted in an even higher demand for this cleaning style.