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Growing Medical Marijuana In Canada

Did you know that it is perfectly legal to grow your own medical cannabis in Canada? To be an authorized grower, you just need to secure a licences to produce marijuana from the government. Authorized patients have the ability to grow medical cannabis on their own or they can even designate another patient to grow their medicine for them. Growing your own medical cannabis in the comfort of your own home is very possible for as long as you submit all the necessary paperwork (forms A, B1 or B2) required by the Canadian government.

Patients with a MMAR number are the only people allowed to grow medical cannabis. The patient will not receive a MMAR number if he was involved in any drug related convictions in the past 10 years. Once you become an authorized grower, it is your responsibility to provide the government with additional information for the plants that you will be using as medicine. It is also important that you know the limitations of how much marijuana you are allowed to grow or store. The amount of your medicine will usually depend on your method of planting and on the dosage prescribed by your physician.

Home much medical marijuana can you grow?
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The Canadian government allows their authorized growers to plant medical cannabis for up to two patients. Canada is never lenient when it comes to controlling their authorized growers. They will only allow 3 patients that are living in a single street address to grow medical cannabis. This means that if 2 people are already growing medical marijuana in your neighborhood, you can only plant for yourself.
6 Facts About Health Everyone Thinks Are True

Security measures you need to take when planting cannabis.

Health Canada is very serious when it comes to the security of your medicine. If you fail to prepare the security your medical plants need, you will never become an authorized grower.

It is a fact that illegal marijuana can generate a ton of money. One of the problems you will face when planting marijuana is theft. When growing medical marijuana, you have to invest on an alarm system, CCTV cameras, property fences and of course, reinforced doors. When storing your medicine, it is advisable that you place it on a locked safe.

One of the most importation factors you should consider when planting marijuana is your location. Avoid growing near public places such as schools, parks, hospitals, and markets. Keeping your windows covered is also a must in order to conceal the plant’s scent. If you have other questions, you may contact Health Canada.