That Cell Phone Can Save Lives

Most people these days take mobile devices for granted and have no idea have valuable they can be. This is especially true of cell phones. As important as checking social media pages, calling friends, and getting game scores may be, they are not the main reasons owners should not leave the house without that phone. Every new version of cell phones have more and more features and functions that can; literally, save lives.


Learning how to activate, download, and utilize these features is well worth the time. That camera does much more than take selfies. If set to display the date and time on every picture, it can be used to record the conditions, damage, and people at the scene of a crime or an accident. That can help law enforcement officers apprehend alleged criminals and attorneys build strong cases for personal injury cases.

Safety applications can be downloaded, many free of charge, that transmit medical information to 911 personnel at the touch of a button, or when a 911 call is placed from that phone. This is ideal if someone becomes ill, has an allergic reaction, or has a serious condition. If that person is unable to speak or remember anything, the phone can contain a wealth of information.

Never Underestimate GPS

GPS tracking is available on most phones, with many phones able to transmit the signal even when they are turned off. This saves lives every day. People who are lost, become injured while hiking trails or skiing, or are kidnapped can be found. Compromised populations, such as elderly people with dementia, those with mental illness, or people with diminished cognitive capacity, can be helped sooner if in danger, missing, or injured and do not call for help.

Cell phone owners will want to get more details at and discover how the phone can save lives. People do not get the most use from their phones. The phones and services can be expensive so make sure to take advantage of all features and functions. Start by adding a first aid website to the favorites the next time the phone is in use.